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Our Story

The Collective began with a desire to do more with print. 

Andrew Pinch                                       Owner

"I grew up in an old fashioned ink-on-paper printing company and have seen both need and industry change. Helping organizations place and use print to heighten engagement is a strength and passion of mine. Having spent the last ten years running and managing a print manufacturing company and helping both my customers and my company adapt to the new world of integrated communications, I have the desire to work in this industry with a focus on helping more companies successfully make this change.

What I enjoy the most about the quickly melding print-marketing industry is the new opportunities that digital printing is enabling for marketers and print-marketing managers. The speed at which marketing data is collected can be closely matched in creative output by marketers, then digitally printed, distributed and tracked for effectiveness. With this change of speed and reduction of un-targeted communication, a new set of challenges is created between print-marketing managers and print manufacturers. A new level of management is needed to maintain the speed of more frequent, smaller sized print-marketing instances, and a new level of relationship is needed.

At Collective, we aim to be the leader in digital-print marketing for companies seeking to use their data to communicate effectively with their audiences. By offering tools with which companies can manage print-marketing fulfillment, and through that- their identity, we can empower companies with mission-critical print-marketing needs maintain accuracy across multiple locations and a high volumes."