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Terms & Conditions

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Collective Printing and Marketing Terms and Conditions.

All business conducted with Collective Printing and Marketing is subject to current Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions will be provided upon request, but are available on our website at

Pricing and Quotations: Pricing provided in writing is good for 30 days from initial quotation. Verbal quotations cannot be guaranteed. Pricing is subject to change at time of art submission if the specifications change based on the art provided.

Payment and Terms: Payment is required upon order, unless other agreements are provided in writing. 30 day terms are provided at the discretion of Collective Printing and Marketing and can be revoked at the discretion of Collective Printing and Marketing. Any past due amounts owed on orders placed and completed may be assessed a 6% late fee.

Color: Color is subject to proofed specifications. Color is subject to Collective Printing and Marketing processes.